Eating four eggs: GREEDY OR NAH

Hello amazing people, it’s been long you “saw” me. I’ve been super busy and lazy as well 😭.

I read a post today and I was wondering if you guys could give me your take on this.

The post you’re about to read might have been written differently from the original.

So a girl goes to her boyfriend’s house, takes four eggs and is about to fry these eggs for herself. The guy goes “hey babe this is too much.” And reduces them.

The girl gets angry and goes “Ahn Ahn is it because of four eggs? Nawa o! Oya eat your egg.” And pours the eggs into the sink.

The guy turns from black to red in a sec and slaps her. “You’re very stupid. Do you eat this many eggs in your father’s house?”

“My father’s house? You’re very childish. How could you bring my father into this.? Tchew.” She picks her things and storms out of the house.

And the guy goes “that’s why many of you girls are still single.”

So guys what’s your take on this story? Was she wrong to have wanted to eat four eggs?

Was he wrong for slapping her?

Just tell me what you think.

I think her wanting to eat four eggs was a little greedy if she didn’t have him in mind and also because she wasn’t in her house. I feel like if she was in her house, he couldn’t have done anything to stop her. I mean she bought the eggs hello!!!

But then you go to someone’s house, and grab four eggs 😭 I’m crying. You don’t even know if the person is managing themselves. And she obviously has anger issues for throwing the eggs away when he corrected her.

Then to the man, uncle, you didn’t have to raise a finger to pass your point. Even if she poured the eggs on you (not that I’m supporting her action). That move wasn’t in anyway gentlemanly.

But I give him props for correcting her and not bottling it up only to bring it up 20 years later.

So guys let me know your take on this story in the comment section below. 👇🏾



It may seem as though when people attain the “celebrity status” they unfollow the people they started from the bottom with. When I say unfollow, I’m talking about social media platforms such as Twitter, instagram and possibly Facebook. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s your choice to unfollow people but can you defend your reasons? And of course you don’t owe anyone any explanation it’s your account and we can go to mars or wherever we please.

I personally unfollowed people and that was because they were posting some disturbing pictures that I’d rather not feed my eyes with. Imagine me scrolling through my instagram at work and I see a disturbing picture like a woman’s bare butt on display and my boss walks in at that point and I’m trying to scroll quickly past it. I might not need to explain myself but how will she perceive me from then on. So for such unhealthy reasons, it’s safe to unfollow someone. I’m still wondering why I even followed them in the first place.

So I noticed that certain people who might not have been friends, but let’s just say we knew ourselves have actually unfollowed me since they climbed up the social hierarchy like!! Who’s cutting onions here o I’m not even crying but really why???

So madam, uncle why did you unfollow me? Did I post nudes or am I not just popular enough? Or do you feel there’s a certain number of followers you should have to continue being a celeb? Or is it that the small Celeb breeze that blew on you now makes you too cool for school? See what I did there? Hahahaha

I just felt I should vent. I’m just wondering why people do what they do. So guys why do you think celebs unfollow the common masses? (For lack of a better term). Let me know in the comment section.

Have a fulfilling week.

Dairy of a working class lady-part two

It’s a beautiful Saturday and normal people are resting at home with their loved ones or at least have plans to hangout later with their buddies. But abnormal ones like me, are on their way to work ON A SATURDAY MORNING!!! Wait! Did I mention I work in a media house? Talk about dreams coming to reality.

Anyways I was on my way to work this wonderful sunny Saturday morning and I received a disturbing call. “What have you done?” Heart has started beating 1000 times per minute. So she (a colleague) explains to me what had happened. But I knew I wasn’t guilty of anything. I’m my mind I was like last last I’ll explain myself. Can’t be that hard.

So I got into the office and received a call from the General head asking me to explain what happened which I did. And he goes on and on and on about how I just unknowingly committed fraud. Ehn??? You say??? What is fraud? My mind starts going to EFCC and hand cuffs. He said some hurtful things to me that day that really took my mood south. After apologizing upandan, he still sent an e-mail and was asking to tell him why I shouldn’t be punished. So this is how I’ll go to prison? Sigh! I ended up seeking for professional help on how to respond to such tricky message. As I was seeking professional help, he now sent another mail saying that I must reply before COB Aye ma ni ka o! Uncle! How mean are you?

My mood was super sour that day. And the mails kept rolling in till it got to the head of my department and he decided not to reply that day. You can imagine how my weekend was. I tried sharing it with two of my friends who couldn’t really relate. It was then I realized why our parents come home angry and frustrated flogging the hell out of us for the littlest things.

Sunday morning, I was super early to church now don’t get it twisted. Don’t look at it as though I only run to God when I’m in trouble. Nope! He’s my rock. But there’s something about when your heart is heavy. Only God can lift the burden. So I cried my heart to God and hey! He heard my cry as usual.

Monday morning trying to feign that I’m okay and I’m not anxious. I walk into the office looking to open my mail box and find a query! God bless the head of my department for saving me that day. He begged that I should be forgiven and urged me to ask questions whenever I’m in doubt. Smiles in “when you serve a living God”

That was how I escaped my second and a Major trouble. Did you guys hear fraud? Since that day ehn, I’ve been asking questions. Questions that’ll frustrate their enemies.

Imagine after surviving the trouble in the previous post, this one just had to be greater and involve the head office. But then I believe things like these happen for God to show Himself. What do you think? Let me know in the comment section.

Thank you once again for reading and I’ll be back next time with another part (hopefully a good part) of my working experience.

Diary of a working class lady.




•Rolls eyes• “Hello?” “Hi! Sorry there’s an error in the work you sent to us.”

Sigh! “Okay I’ll get back to you on that.” “Thanks bye.”

Figuratively my everyday routine.

After rounding off my service to fatherland, Nigeria, I was literally jobless for two weeks! Two weeks! And I must say I had never felt so idle in my life. I searched for jobs but they were looking for two-five years work experience (like I was supposed to steal it from the market).

I was at the brink of frustration when my phone rang and the head of the office I thought I was done with since they didn’t have any job for me was calling me. In my mind “eeeh what have I done? Why could she be calling me? Let’s hope she’s calling to check on my welfare.” “Hello ma!” “Hello Seyi, have you gotten a job yet?” “Not yet ma.” “Okay we have an opening.” In my mind.. I will praise you lord! If nobody will praise your name…. you know the rest. “I’m very interested ma. Thank you ma.”

Let me spare you the hassle I had to go through to eventually land the job. There was an opening but in my mind, I was already doing the duties of the open slot. But in the end, your girl got the job.

First day was so sweet! Everything went well. Second day was even sweeter I didn’t need to meet and get used to new faces because I served there and was already friends with a lot of them. That same week, I almost landed my first trouble but thank God I didn’t . Second week, I actually did land my first trouble. I wasn’t given proper orientation into the job because I served there. But I was basically an assistant then. This actual trouble almost cost me my job. Job wey we never do birthday for! Aaaah Aye le o! But I believe God took me through it.

My weekend was just horrible. My heart was greatly heavy. You know when you go to church to cast all your cares on Jesus, I legit went to do that. In my mind, I’m like what will I tell my friends and family that have rejoiced with me? Aaah aye le o! Like I said, I decided to cast all my cares on Jesus! And as I came in on Monday, everything went smooth like nothing had happened during the weekend. What is the size of your God o! Agidigba o! But I have to say that I still lived that day in fear. Fear of the unknown. I had heard rumors of how people go and break and return to meet their dismissal letters. My mind was messed up that day.

Thank you for reading. I’ll continue my diary series with you another time. Be sure to stay glued to this site!

Remember you can always drop your comments below 👇🏾on your work experiences both good and bad ones. Let’s all laugh and learn.

Life thriving kit basic: Rolling with the punches

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Hey you, yes you. Can you take a hit.

Why would I set myself up for a thorough beating you might ask? That’s insanity. Sane people avoid such trouble at any cost, you might exclaim.

Welllll, that’s probably why you haven’t moved from where you are😊

You see, if you’ve never put yourself in a position where you’re vulnerable and open to all kinds of criticism, then you’ve probably never been out of your comfort zone. And you know what they say about comfort zones? Nothing spectacular ever happens there and it gets quite boring after a while tbh💁🏽‍♀️

But when you actually dare to put something that is dear to you out there, be it your music, writing, acting, handwork, voice, whatever it is that is a talent you possess or acquired; you’re at your most vulnerable. Imagine how tough it is to hear your voice isn’t all that…

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Happy new and productive year everyone! I’m not going to pray for you because I’m sure that your phones have been buzzing with prayers this new year. But I wish you what you wish yourself.

So I’ll just go straight into what has been bothering me. I fell ill on the 3rd day of this new year. I’m like devil kilode?? Let me start this year in good health na?? So as a result of my illness I couldn’t contribute to the house chores that my aunt and cousin were doing.

When I woke up with one banging headache, I struggled to make it to the living room and I heard my aunt praising him “weldone you’ve really worked today! Ahn Ahn see how you’re sweating. Pele, you deserve a treat….” she went on and on about how hard he had worked that day. This is a boy who rarely washes his plates after eating. Same goes for my brother. That one can’t even cook yet he’ll condemn your cooking. Imagine the disrespect.

No doubt he worked well that day but the appraisals were just excessive abeg. What about those days he only washed the car? I think male children in most African families are generally exempted from house chores like cooking and cleaning so when they do something “out of the ordinary”, they are overly praised and pampered.

I just sat there wondering what happened to all the years I had worked without appraisals. Not like I was complaining, but it was just a little overbearing hearing all the praises.

When women do these chores, we don’t get praised, talk less of getting treats which is Not cool. If the opposite sex can get rewards for their once in a blue moon hard work, I think women also deserve daily rewards. Don’t think it’s a woman’s responsibility and throw blames when the food isn’t as delicious as yesterday’s or there’s water on the floor pick up that mop and do the needful!

Granted, we all have our lazy days and even to move a finger is usually such a task but guys those are the times we really need you to assist with the chores. And please don’t expect anything more than thanks for that. Don’t expect “awww baby you deserve a treat.. chop kiss…. awwww you’re so wonderful”. No sweetheart, don’t!

What I’m saying in essence is bring up your boys in the way that they see chores as part of their lives and not the sole responsibility of their wives or daughters. I’m counting on you guys to do that will you? Thank you.

I want to know your take on this topic so please drop your candid comments. Thank you!

Miss goody-two-shoes

She wears her hair in a ponytail and rebuffs the sight of alcohol 

The only form of makeup you’ll ever see on her is.. well, powder and maybe lipgloss. She doesn’t want an oily face and chapped lips

She has friends or rather acquaintances who go to the movies but she’d rather go to church even when there’s no service 

She does not understand how to balance her social life and her spiritual life

She’d rather spend time on TBN than watch a reality show

She turns up her mouth when she accidentally tunes the channel to the  music video of an erotic dancer 

She runs out of breath when the ibo boys at market start talking about how the blouse will accentuate her round breasts…. she drops it  instantly and storms out  leaving the boys wondering 

But at times, she imagines when she will eventually ‘court’ there is no ‘date’ in her dictionary 

She feels the urge to like and share every spiritual post on social media 

‘I wonder if there’s any guy that will fit into my lifestyle’ she thinks aloud while trying to brush off those ‘evil thoughts’ of her first kiss with her husband on her wedding day
Hey miss goody two shoes 

Wake up! 

There is always a way to handle things. Did you know that if you inherit the earth like God said, you’d still make heaven? I’m tired of seeing people walking on eggshells, being overly careful and sharing several posts on social media because they don’t want to sin by not sharing them. Did you know that if you don’t like those pictures and if you don’t say amen to those Facebook prayers, nothing will happen to you? Your mama ain’t gonna die? You’re going to see the end of this year??? Wake up girl!!! Watch that movie, don’t turn up your lips at the sight of vanity, just mind your business!! Slay!!! Girl look good. And please not everyone is lucky to get to date and eventually marry the first person they ever loved so sweets wake up! 

The market guy just wants to sell his goods instead of walking out, how about you laugh it off and invite him to your service on Sunday if you feel the need to. Like I said, there’s always a way to handle these things. 

Being a goody two shoes is not a gate pass to heaven. 🎤


Few days ago, our two months old dog tried his luck to mate our seven months old rott.  I mean what does a two month old dog know about mating? But the vet laughed it off and told us not to worry when we complained to him, adding that it’s the animal instinct.

That’s the analogy I give to those men who cannot keep “IT” in their pants but would rather prey on  little girls naiveness, screams, pleas, tears… How dark is your heart?

Woe unto you who thinks what makes you a man is how many girls and how many rounds you’ve gone.  You should bury your head in your neck if you force your way with any woman.

And those of you who think you can force your way with a lady because you think you’ve spent money on that girl, come and I’ll show you dignified men who have spent a hundred times what you spent but won’t think of rape even if they were deprived of sex. And those that think  “oh! I can rape my wife if she deprives me of sex. I paid her bride price, I paid for everything” Sense fall on you. 

I hear humans are higher animals but we do not like to be called that do we? Yet some men exhibit this callous behavior. You’re  just like any other dog with the animal instinct to climb any dog he sees.

My heart goes out to victims who have tried to suppress this feeling. I can only pray God heals your sore hearts.

#saynotorape #thepenaltyshouldbecastration

The Holiday, the Hiking and the unforeseen  

I needed this breather. Work! work!! work!!! was all I ever told people whenever the question “what have you been up to” popped up. So I packed my bags and went to a friend’s. We decided to make good use of the holiday (shoutout to our Muslim brothers and sisters✌🏾). Funny thing was 70% of the plans we made didn’t workout but new plans came and overwrote the old ones. But the peak of the holiday was the final day. You know how they say better is the end of a matter…. yeah I lived it. 

The beginning of our trip was kinda you know  🤷🏿‍♂️ (I don’t have a word so pardon my expression). Then music kicked in, the vibe began to escalate and I think this just sent jany junes (my friend who was asleep throughout the journey)to a whole new level. Wait! Did I mention we were going hiking and picnicking? Okay I just did and it was in the outskirts of the Federal Capital Territory. We got to our destination and began the long journey up the mountain. Several times, we would stop to catch our breaths while admiring the beautiful scenery and of course taking pictures. By the time we were at the peak of the mountain we were super exhausted yet we were not going to allow such beautiful moment pass without making memories.  

Then it came one, two, oh no! What’s that? Rain! Rain???? How? Why? There couldn’t have been a worse timing ever recorded. How could it come to ruin such a perfect moment? Why would it even rain? We were far away from any form of shade but some sharp guys tried to use the mats to cover themselves (me inclusive) but the wind was very mush. The breeze tried to blow the mats away and even some of us that were not so weighty. We started chanting “who sent me o?😩🙆🏾” I started thinking to myself if my life was going to end on a mountain. Guys! We had to stay together to form a bond and I’m almost sure that if we didn’t , someone would most definitely have fallen. We ended up sitting on the wet floor as the rain flogged us for several minutes. Then someone passed us a bowl of diced beef (perfect timing) and of course the rain water turned it into watery stew for us yet we enjoyed every bit of it I think I took the last piece sef🤷🏾‍♀️ 

Slowly the showers reduced

We picked our shivering selves and walked carefully down the mountain cos it was so slippery. Coming down was way harder than climbing for me because climbing was giving me the squats vibe that I liked. Getting down the mountain finally, everyone started thanking  God that at least we got another day to live. At this point, I thought my fellow hikers would go home after the experience instead they started dancing and we even ate and drank which was part of the original schedule. We even had the guts to take after rain pictures. To cut the long story short, my girls and I had fun from this experience. The rain actually made it much fun and ladies and gentlemen I have come down with a cold. 


Don’t judge me.

My stay in the NYSC camp

This is for those people that asked me “how was camp”? and for those that will still ask “how was camp”? Yes I want you guys to visit my blog I need traffic. This is the only place I’m ever willing to see traffic and I also want you to get your answers so I’ll be as informative as I can be.
So my first days in camp were the most frustrating 7 days of my life I mean I went to a private school but really I can almost swear that I have never been half as frustrated as I was in camp in my life. I woke up by 5 am in school but in camp, I woke up by 4am actually before 4am because girls had to wake up early for their face beats even though no one was going to see all of that and the noise coupled with the flashlights often woke me up. So the fact that I wasn’t getting enough sleep was the number one frustrating thing. I remember the first morning in camp, this female soldier poured water on me like! Woman I just launched this white on white. Yes that’s another thing the white on white was the most hideous outfit ever! And when we wore casuals to church on Sundays boys often passed comments like wow! This white on white dey hide things o. You guys look really nice. And the kind of bum shorts I saw on some girls 😱 goodness! Well, that’s just by the way.

The standing for hours under the hot sun was another thing that made me so mad. Those soldiers were just wicked 😩😭. As if it wasn’t bad enough that I was getting one or two shades darker than my incredibly awesome dark skin tone, my knees were beginning to feel the heat. At some point, people started fainting and you know I thought these soldiers were going to release us but we actually still stood and were sometimes punished. They even said why are you people falling like paw paw?😂😂. These and more were why I hated my first week in camp. I really wished I was home but after my first week, I started meeting people. It’s almost easy to make friends for me ‘cos I’m just not boring LOL (it’s essential that I boost my esteem😂). Then we had socials, night after night and I remember the first social night we had we were forced to go. I had already washed, had my bath, eaten and was ready for bed then people  started running helter skelter and some burying themselves under their beds. I was still convincing myself that there was no way it was going to be compulsory till I heard….all of una wey still dey inside, Your papa!! I hurried into my shorts and shirt and I couldn’t even wear socks or lace my shoes. I ran for my life. Who wants to be flogged at this stage of their lives? I even injured my leg 😩. So during one of the social nights, this buff guy built from head to toe, chest looking like two loafs of bread passed by my friends and I (we came late,so no seat for us)  then I whispered to my guy friend that if I was his friend I would have hugged him that was how my friend went and told the boy what I said and I was dragged to the boy and yeah we hugged oh my days  it was a hug to remember and to crown it all, when my guy was leaving,he gave me this squeeze on my shoulders😊😊 my entire camp stay was made. I didn’t even care that he never spoke to me again. So we had some fun, yet not so fun experiences like cultural day, and the inter-platoon competitions and many others that took our minds off the sadness.

I always wanted to make friends in camp and it was taking its toll on my sleep because I often stayed out late but I pulled through. I remember this particular female soldier was even counting down along with us make una no worry 5 more days to go oya! Whistle whislte whistle. It was awesome news to me every morning hearing the days go by but then I was going to miss all my new friends all the fine boys and all the funny brows😂😂😁. But I had a pretty awesome time in camp, I was in drama group but I attended just once, I marched for my platoon and yes I was always in front. Mamana you know say you no fit see front, you go dey stay back  the soldiers said as they whisked me from back to front. Front was too boring it was for those serious guys those ones that liked the hot sun and the march past.

In my final week, I met even more people and yes I exchanged numbers, for those of you thinking you can find love in camp, well there’s a fifty fifty chance to that so go with an open mind. So do I miss camp? nooooo!! Do I miss the friends I made? yesss! Do I miss going to mami for suya my friends and I specifically Iyi,Ay and Buks always moved round to taste suya and we bought just a few times yes! Do I miss the drills? Noooo! Do I miss the confined space they call your corner? Hell no. But putting everything together, I can say it was a worthwhile experience. And leaving camp was quite emotional well, partly because that’s how I am. Okay I hope you guys enjoyed this post the way I enjoyed typing it.😘😘